Tri City Bankshares (TRCY)

Alright, another bank idea to close out the week. If I do many more banks like ENB Financial and the following franchise, I may have to launch a “Ron Popeil Strategy” on this site.

I’ll put the disclaimer upfront: this name is illiquid, boring, and unlikely to fit anything but a retail position size. And I like it.

Back in 1955, small businessman David Ulrich’s loan application was turned down by a local lender. To remedy the issue, Mr. Ulrich decided to start his own bank and spent the next eight years raising capital in in order to establish Tri City National Bank in 1963. As it stands today, Tri City Bankshares (TRCY) of Oak Creek, WI still operates as Tri City National Bank and services Southeast Wisconsin with a 33 branch network.

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